Development status!

f you’re wondering how far along we are, here’s a short update. Note, however, that the release date has again been pushed back to the end of December/start of January.


  • The game itself is getting ever closer to being finished. Save games, combat and a lot of the spells are the major items remaining. Diplomacy was the last thing added: you can trade spells, contribute gold or mana to someone’s cause, or even swap maps of Arcanus and Myrror! You can also make peace, declare war or unite in an alliance with your fellow wizards.
  • The unit artwork is almost complete. For the 14 races, the Klackon are the only ones left to be drawn. There are also several fantastic creatures remaining.
  • The tileset (the art of the maps) is also nearing completion, for both Arcans and Myrror. The status is probably around 90-95% (screenshots soon!)
  • There are now five compositions for the in-game music!
  • The intro animation is currently being scored by one of our musicians.



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