Help Needed!

This project is a large one. It covers all aspects of advanced game programming: a two-tiered software architecture, distributed object programming, ruleset specification, game art and sound effects. We need help with the game art and the sound effects. Currently, we specifically need people to do the music! Please contact us if you would like to contribute.

Project Description

For our practical Object-Oriented Programming at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, we are to design and implement a moderately complex distributed system based on a mix of Java and C++, while striving for platform-independence with both languages.
We will create a turn-based strategy game, based on the famous DOS classic Master of Magic™ (copyrighted by Microprose), which in turn was based on Civilization™ (also copyrighted by Microprose). The goal in the game is to either wipe out all your opponents, or to be the first to research and cast the most powerful spell in the universe. To do this, you must explore the world map, build and cultivate new cities, conquer enemy territory and strongholds, manage the scarce resources scattered throughout your empire, research and learn new spells and on top of it all, keep your people happy. Our game will probably use a somewhat simplified rule-set of MoM, but it will add multiplayer support. It will lack AI opponents, however.
The project will end in somewhere around December, 2001. When the game is finished and the practical is closed, we will probably release the source code, so that the game can be extended.