All of the data files for the spells have now also been converted to HTML for the “Tome of Knowledge”. These are all the spells that were originally in Master of Magic, but please note that “only” about 80% of these spells have (yet) been fully implemented in Age of Magic. Any feedback or corrections […]

Project started!

For a programming course, we’ve started the Age of Magic project, which is essentially a multiplayer turn-based strategy game based on Master of Magicâ„¢. Check out the about page for more info!

Hero for Hire!

For the past few weeks, we’ve been very busy with the data of the various units. We’ve now stored all units (creatures, troops and heroes). We chose to represent most of this data in XML, for easy retrieval and consistency with the context-sensitive help. If you’re interested in the internals of the game: we’ve posted […]

New Download!

We’ve put up a detailed view of our object oriented programme structure. Whether you’re an experienced software engineer and have used UML before, or you just like to see things in more detail, visit the downloads page! Also if your in the mood for new downloads you can take a look at these good old […]

More Artwork!

We think you’ve had enough of dry object diagrams and obscure XML documents. So we’re now releasing another image! This time it’s a piece of decorative artwork for the High Elf race. Go see it for yourself!

More help needed!

We have some miscellaneous drawings to do, so if you are an artist and you’re interested in participating in the game, please contact us!

Music sample!

Finally, more goodies are available for download! This time, it’s a piece of what will become our in-game music! Special thanks to our new musician, Philip Manitta!

Development status!

f you’re wondering how far along we are, here’s a short update. Note, however, that the release date has again been pushed back to the end of December/start of January.   The game itself is getting ever closer to being finished. Save games, combat and a lot of the spells are the major items remaining. […]

Concept wizard pictures!

Rhodin the Whelf, the artist who is drawing the portraits of the various wizards in the game, has put up some very nice sample pictures on his website. Take a look!